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3D rendering of a dental implant next to healthy teeth fromPerrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA 98026-5524Even though it is a common occurrence among people, the underlying issues that come with losing a tooth should never be ignored. It can affect someone's day-to-day life by making it hard to experience even the simplest joys such as eating. Missing teeth can also lead to a downfall in confidence when it comes to talking or even smiling in front of other people. Besides that, tooth loss can give birth to a myriad of other dental problems such as bone loss, misaligned teeth, and gum disorders that can make a bad situation worse. A dental implant is the best way to avoid such issues. If you have a missing tooth and are looking to get a dental implant, visit us at Perrinville Family Dentistry.

What Are Implants and How Are They Placed?

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for missing, decaying, and broken teeth. Their ability to imitate natural teeth is one of their appeals. An implant feels and acts just like a real tooth. A dental implant resembles a metal post that is surgically placed into the jawbone of the patient at the location of the missing tooth. This will double up as the root and once the implant is inserted, the replacement teeth will then be placed onto them.

Dental implants come in various types and placement will usually vary depending on individual patients. The most common type is endosteal implants. This type is suited for most patients, but the patient does need to pass a minimum threshold for bone density, to qualify for the procedure. In this type, the screw is placed into the jawbone directly. The second most common type of procedure is subperiosteal implants. Instead of screws being inserted in the jawbone, the implants will be placed on top of the bone instead. This procedure is only used for people who do not have enough bone density.

What Advantages Can Implants Provide?

Dental implants can restore your bite force so you can savour your food as it's meant to be. They can overhaul the factors affecting your ability to smile and talk in the manner you want. Missing teeth can make it hard to pronounce certain words. Implants are made to match your natural teeth in every possible shape and form, down to the way they feel and look. Getting an implant as a permanent replacement for damaged or missing teeth can be very beneficial in the long term compared to other procedures.

Who Can Benefit From Single Tooth Implants?

Single tooth implants, as implied by the name, are meant for people who are missing one tooth. If you have two or more missing teeth, multiple tooth implants can be your go-to option. If you are suffering from difficulty eating and interacting with other people because of a missing tooth, an implant can help you rectify the situation satisfactorily. A healthy jawbone and gums are required before proceeding with the surgery, so be mindful of that. Some patients may have to go through bone grafting, where an additional surgery is performed to strengthen the jaw in the case of patients who have suffered bone loss. Tooth loss may be common, but there is a solution and you do not have to face it silently. A lot of people are affected by the issues caused by it but chose to ignore them until the issue escalates.

To know if you are a candidate for an implant, visit us at Perrinville Family Dentistry or give us a call at (425) 616-0620 today.

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With a single tooth implant, the neighboring teeth are left unaffected and their health does not need to be sacrificed. Call Perrinville Family Dentistry now!
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