Is Dental Care Affordable?
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Image of a smiling woman looking in the mirror after finding out her dental care is affordable at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA. Dental care can be fairly expensive, and far too many people use this as an excuse to skip a visit to the dentist. This isn't recommended because any small issues you have with your teeth could be exacerbated if they aren't fixed over time. But what actually contributes to the price of dental care in the U.S.?

The answer almost always boils down to the fact that the vast majority of Americans have some form of untreated gum disease. Left to its own devices, gum disease wreaks havoc on the patient's teeth, causing tissue damage over a long period of time that culminates in tooth loss, gum recession, pus, and even jawbone loss.

The longer you wait to have these issues taken care of, the more you may have to pay. A minor inconvenience today can turn into a major surgery tomorrow. In general, periodic dental checkups do not cost much, usually about $100 to $300 per visit, depending on the type of procedure you're getting. Basic cleaning and polishing will cost less than $100 in some dental practices, while others may charge over $200. But in the grand scheme of things, $200 is much cheaper compared to a more extensive treatment requiring surgery, such as a dental bone graft due to bone loss in the jaw.

In general, people often confuse preventive dental care (which is much cheaper) with more serious dental procedures such as dental restoration. Most serious dental procedures can be prevented by visiting the dentist on a regular basis. In general, it is recommended to visit your dentist at least once every six months.

A Quick Look at the Cost of Dental Services

Let's take a quick look at the most common dental procedures and their average price.
•  Preventive dental care such as cleaning and polishing: $100 to $200
•  Dental fillings can cost $50 to $5,000 per tooth (depending on the type of filling material used)
•  Dental crowns cost anywhere from $400 to $2,500 per tooth (depending on the type of material used)
•  Tooth extraction can cost $75 to $800 depending on the location of the tooth and the procedure used
•  Dentures are removable orthodontic appliances that work as substitutes for missing teeth. A person could use a complete or partial denture, depending on their specific circumstances. The average price for dentures starts at $500 and can go up to $8,000 or even higher.
In general, if you're going for a more customized look with high-quality materials for a natural look, you may be expected to pay more.
•  Dental implants are a popular substitute for missing teeth because they are a permanent replacement. The artificial tooth is made from durable and biocompatible materials such as titanium and surgically drilled into the jawbone. A single dental implant with an abutment can cost upwards of $2,000 and above. Patients may be expected to pay for a bone graft surgery that could make the overall cost higher.
•  A dental exam, including an x-ray to examine the inside of the teeth and jaw, could cost $100 or more.
•  Full mouth dental reconstruction is a more extensive procedure that consists of rebuilding all the teeth in the mouth to restore health, aesthetics, and function. It can cost upwards of $30,000 or more and involves various restorations such as bridges, implants, crowns, veneers, and dentures, among others.
•  Dental veneers are a good option for patients who have stained or broken teeth. They aren't surgically invasive and cost about $1,000 to $2,000 per tooth.
•  Dental bridges start at $2,000 and can go above $5,000 (mostly depending on the type of bridge and the material used)

How to Lower Your Dental Care Costs

Avoiding going to a dentist just because you're worried about the costs may actually increase your dental bills. Here are some quick tips to keep your dental costs down.

Stay on Top of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth goes a long way in preventing dental problems like gum disease and cavities. You should brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don't forget to brush all surfaces of the teeth.

It is also essential to floss your teeth because floss can reach the crevices that a toothbrush can't. If you have trouble using floss, talk to our specialists at Perrinville Family Dentistry like Gary J. Jacky, DMD and for suitable alternatives.

Good oral hygiene also plays a role in your body's overall health and could prevent major illnesses throughout your lifetime.

Protect Your Teeth From Getting Damaged

It can be expensive to fix broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. The good news is that simple precautions can prevent most injuries. For one, avoid chewing on hard objects that could damage the teeth. Try to avoid hard candy and pretzels to keep your teeth in good health. Consider wearing a mouth guard if you play high-intensity sports like football or hockey.

Get Dental Checkups on a Regular Basis

It is recommended to visit our dentist at least two times a year. However, many people skip their routine appointments, especially if they're trying to keep their costs down. People can expect to pay about $50 for dental exams and another $100 for a dental cleaning. In the grand scheme of things, a $100 expense could prevent tooth decay and gum disease necessitating surgery, which would require thousands of dollars.

When it comes to dental problems, the sooner they are fixed, the easier they are to prevent and repair at a more affordable price.

Affordable Dental Care is Now More Accessible

Are you looking for affordable dental care near you? Perrinville Family Dentistry prides itself on offering high-quality dental care services that you deserve. Book an appointment today by calling us at (425) 616-0620.

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