Laser Dentistry
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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry, we use the Solea laser to give the best possible patient experience and care. As technology advances, we keep our professionals updated to ensure the best care for our patients.

Laser dentistry is a recent, innovative type of dental care. It has some benefits, the most obvious being that it is a minimally invasive option for numerous procedures. The technology uses focused light beams to remove tissues or alter small amounts of tissue. Our specialists use laser technology for various procedures: reshaping gums, whitening teeth, gum cosmetic procedures, or detecting cavities.

What Issues Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

There are numerous issues that our specialists can solve at our clinic using laser procedures. Treating painful conditions such as root canal infection, removing oral tumors, dealing with throat issues, or gum reshaping can be done relatively easily with laser technology. Laser dentistry can also regenerate damaged nerves, help with biopsies, and exposed wisdom teeth.

What Benefits Does Laser Dentistry Have?

Probably the most obvious benefit is that it’s minimally invasive, so it is more comfortable than the traditional methods of dentistry. From a medical point of view, laser dentistry is also recommended because the procedure is faster. There might not be a need for anesthesia, and the laser sterilizes the gums, so the risk for infection is decreased, and the healing time is shortened.

Laser dentistry is ideal for children or adults that have anxiety when it comes to dental work. Since it is minimally invasive, and our specialists will take less time to perform the dental work, the stress to which the patient is exposed is minimal.

What Kind of Lasers are Used in Dentistry?

There are two types of lasers that our specialists can use during dental procedures. These are the hard tissue laser and the soft tissue laser. Depending on the type of tissue, the laser alters the lights’ wavelength and pulse to make it easy to cut through the tissue.

The hard tissue laser is used mostly for bones and teeth. They are used mostly for detecting cavities, preparing the tooth for dental fillings, or dealing with dental sensitivity. The hard tissue laser has high accuracy, and it is recommended by our specialists when it comes to removing small fragments for shaping purposes.

The soft tissue laser is ideal for cosmetic procedures or for treating various gum diseases. Our experts use the soft tissue laser for reshaping gums, biopsies, and for removing benign oral tumors. Our specialists are trained to use the lasers for many procedures, and if they think you are suitable for this kind of procedure, they will recommend it.

Dr. Gary J. Jacky, DMD holding Solea Dental Laser at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA Our professionals want you to have a comfortable experience when visiting our clinic, and through the laser surgery, they ensure minimal discomfort for the patient. If you want to know more about the laser dentistry, call the experienced professionals here at Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620 today! We are here, ready to do anything that we can to help you improve your oral health!
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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry, we use the Solea laser to give the best possible patient experience and care. Click here to learn more and call us today!
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