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What Is Cheilosis?
Posted on 11/30/2019 by office
Cheilosis is the inflammation that occurs in the corners of your mouth. Sometimes it may break out on only one side of your mouth, other times, it may be both. To identify that it is not a cold sore, Cheilosis is identified as red skin that breaks down and begins to crust. As opposed to a cold sore, it will be itchy and painful and may even have a burning sensation. Other names it is called are perleche and angular stomatitis. The list of symptoms includes bleeding, blistered, crusty, itchy, cracked, painful, scaly, and swollen skin. Your saliva can get left in the corners of your mouth. After it dries out, the skin can crack and bacteria and fungus get in there. If you lick your lips to ease the pain and dryness, it only adds more moisture for fungus and bacteria to grow. How Does One Come Down with Cheilosis? They have found that certain ailments make you more prone to catching Cheilosis. They are any type of anemia, cancers found in the blood, diabetes, Down's Syndrome, immune disorders like HIV, and kidney, liver, lung or pancreatic cancer all make you more susceptible. There are also certain reasons people have a lot of moisture in the corner of their mouths. Individuals that wear braces are at risk, and so are elderly that wear dentures. If your teeth are extremely crooked or you smoke, you are at risk of catching it. It has also been studied that people with diabetes get fungal infections like Cheilosis because it loves to feed off of glucose. If you feel like you may be coming down with Cheilosis, please take the time and contact our office. We have the experience to figure out what it is that is bothering you, and come up with a plan and treatment to eliminate the infection. The sooner you address it, the faster we can help. Give us a call today and we will make an appointment as soon as possible....

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