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Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on tooth at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WAHere at Perrinville Family Dentistry we provide veneers that offer comfort and protection for your teeth. Dental Veneers are recommended if you have discolored teeth or your teeth aren't properly positioned. You always have the opportunity to choose the best veneer for your teeth out of many that'll be presented.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain (a ceramic material) which are made to fit directly over the front surface of the teeth in the same manner that false fingernails fit over the nails. Although some other materials can be used in place of porcelain and they will serve the same purpose.

There are many reasons you should consider having veneers fitted on your teeth. One reason is to improve the shape, position, and the color of your teeth. Having the right porcelain fitted on your discolored teeth will lighten up your smile. If you have a discolored tooth, you should come to our clinic so that we can advise you on which veneers would be best for you.

Furthermore, the porcelain being used completely covers the front of the teeth. We will use a thicker part of the porcelain to replace broken parts of the teeth, thereby ensuring a solid structure. Also, if your teeth aren't well or correctly positioned, or there's a small gap between your teeth, veneers can easily correct such conditions.

Preparation of Teeth for The Veneer

This starts from the removal of the outer enamel surface of the teeth. This is done so that there will be a firmly bonded veneer later on. The amount of enamel to be removed should be equated to the thickness of the veneer to be fitted. This is necessary so that the tooth will maintain its size as it was before and after the fixing.

Also, to ensure that there's no discomfort or pain, a mild anesthetic may be used, although this isn't needed most times. After the preparation of the teeth, an impression would be taken by our team along with other information that will be necessary for making a precise veneer by our dental technician. One interesting thing to take note is that the color of the surrounding of the teeth is copied so that the veneer can be prepared in such a way that it looks original after being attached to the teeth.

Preparing a veneer will take at least two visits to our office. The first visit is for the preparation of the tooth and to match the shade while the second visit is for fixing. Here in our clinic, before bonding the veneers on the teeth, we'll show you the veneers to be placed on your teeth just to make sure you are happy with them. We use a special adhesive which ensures the veneers are firmly held on the teeth.

Visit our clinic if you feel you need some veneers fitted on your teeth. We will examine your dental structure and fix the best veneers for you. If you have any question about veneers, feel free to call us on Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620 today.

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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry we provide veneers that offer comfort and protection for your teeth. Click here to correct and whiten your smile.
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