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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry, we can close the gap between missing teeth using a dental bridge. A bridge is a structure that is held into position by abutment teeth, and ‘bridges’ gaps created by absent teeth. The bridge holds fake teeth that are usually made from porcelain to blend with your natural teeth. There are several options available to patients who have lost their teeth due to a medical condition or injury, and bridges are among the most popular of all.

There are four main types of bridge that you can choose from and which is best for you will depend on several factors. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on which type of bridge you should choose.

Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional bridge will hold one or more false teeth and is held in position by dental crowns that are attached to abutment teeth on both sides. This type of bridge can be used when a missing tooth creates a gap between natural teeth in the mouth.

Maryland Dental Bridge

This type of dental bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge in that it has natural abutment teeth on both sides of the gap. It uses a framework that is based on either porcelain or metal and is attached to the back of the abutment teeth. It is used when there is a natural tooth on both sides of the gap.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

In a cantilever dental bridge, the bridge is held firmly by a dental crown adjoined to just one abutment tooth. To install this type of bridge, the patient needs to have just one natural tooth before the missing tooth or gap in the mouth.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

As the name suggests, this type of dental bridge uses dental implants instead of natural teeth. It is commonly used when the patient has more than one missing teeth. Implants are first inserted surgically where there’s a missing tooth. The bridge is held firmly in position by the implants. Typically, we will need to perform two surgeries on the patient for this type of dental bridge. The first one is to embed the implants in the jawbone while the second surgery is performed to put the bridge in position. It requires several months to complete the procedure.


We will take an imprint and measurement of your mouth. This is the first step to ensure the bridge fits perfectly inside your mouth and doesn’t result in severe discomfort. Impressions are often made using CAD/CAM technology for an accurate fit.

Pain Level

A local anesthetic will be administered to reduce the level of pain and discomfort. You may still be uncomfortable because you will have to keep your mouth wide open during the procedure. However, with the right medication, it shouldn’t take long before you recover and eat normally after a bridge placement. If you need more information about bridges and whether it’s the best option for you, please contact us at Perrinville Family Dentistry at (425) 616-0620.
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Here at Perrinville Family Dentistry, we can close the gap between missing teeth using a dental bridge. Click here to learn more and give us a call today!
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