Are Dental Implants Affordable
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Image of a person pointing to their teeth, at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA. Dental implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth. Implant restoration ensures that you have the basic functions and the same aesthetics as natural teeth, which can be a game-changer for many patients. At Perrinville Family Dentistry, Gary J. Jacky, DMD and work to provide implant restoration that can improve the state of your teeth. If you have damaged or missing teeth, dental implants can serve as the support you need to get your smile back.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

If you are getting a porcelain crown, the dental implant will cost approximately $4,000. However, with added costs for the procedure, like the surgery, anesthesia, and other costs, it can go up to $7,000.

There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of dental implants. For example, dental implant materials can have a huge impact on the cost. The titanium screw of the implant can add to the cost. If you opt for a zirconia implant, the price will go up too. So, it is important to ask your dentist what materials they are using. Make sure not to just choose the cheapest options. Getting a quality titanium implant will also ensure that it lasts for decades to come. This can make the cost worth it.

The surgery is also performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon. While technology and advanced techniques have made it a painless and comfortable option for patients, there is still a lot of skill that goes into dental implant surgeries. A professional will also be able to ensure that you don’t face implant failure and that it fuses with the jawbone. Hence, choosing a good oral surgeon is a necessary but costly expense.

You should also note that the number of appointments and the extent of the treatment might also have an impact on the total cost. The dental exam, consultation fees, and any other needed treatments like tooth extractions will all contribute to the cost. If you don’t have a suitable amount of jawbone for the implant, you will also need bone grafting. This extra procedure is vital to ensure that the implant lasts for a long time, but will add to the cost.

You will also need a custom crown that matches the size, shape, and color of your other teeth. This is included in the overall price. Hence, the price of the implant includes materials, x-rays, dental exams, consultation, surgery, bone grafting, anesthesia, specialist care, and more. This is why the price of dental implants is high.

Is the Cost of Dental Implants Worth It?

It is true that implant restoration is an expensive treatment. However, when looking at its benefits, you will realize that it is a really great option. You can also get bridges too, but patients are increasingly finding that implants win the implants vs. bridges debate. Firstly, dental implants can stop bone loss in the face. The jawbone naturally declines in density as you age and lose teeth. When you lose teeth, the jawbone is no longer stimulated and reduces over time. This can impact your facial structure. The dental implant is the only procedure that naturally infuses with the jawbone, stopping bone loss.

Secondly, it behaves and looks just like the rest of your teeth. The crowns are customized according to the size, color, and shape of your natural teeth. Hence, no one else will be able to tell the difference. Dental implants are known to boost confidence and self-esteem since they can help restore the smile. Implants also have no impact on speech, unlike dentures, which can cause issues. So, that is an additional boost to confidence.

Dental implants function just like normal teeth, which means you can eat what you like. Dentures can make it hard to chew on some foods since they might slip out or move. Missing teeth also impact how you chew food. Dental implants are strong structures that infuse the bone and behave just like regular teeth. You won’t have to restrict your diet in any way. The teeth make it easy to bite and chew through meat, crunchy foods, and chewy items.

When people have missing teeth, it can increase the risk of diabetes and digestive problems since people are unable to chew food properly. The implant will be anchored to the jawbone with a quality post made of strong titanium. This man-made root for the tooth holds the crowns in place. Hence, you can bite down on the food with the natural pressure of the tooth. This can make it easier to chew the food and helps with digestion.

Moreover, dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth that don’t impact other healthy teeth. If you have even one missing tooth, it can create a gap. Teeth tend to move and shift if you have gaps, resulting in more teeth becoming loose and falling out. This domino effect can be prevented. And unlike dentures, implants are anchored by fusing with the jawbone and don’t have any impact on healthy teeth. Any dentist would recommend not touching healthy, natural teeth unless you absolutely have to.

Plus, the lack of maintenance also makes dental implants a great option. Dentures have to be replaced after a couple of years to make sure they fit properly. The jawbone weakens over time, becoming lost eventually. There is no such problem with dental implants. With regular oral maintenance like brushing and flossing, the implants can last you for decades. You might need to change the crown after 15 years, but the implant itself can hold on permanently. At Perrinville Family Dentistry, we use the best materials to ensure that your dental implant is worth the investment. Call us at (425) 616-0620, and we can check to see if dental implants are right for you.
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