Who Is a Candidate?
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Woman smiling with perfect teeth at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WA 98026-5524Dental implants are such an easy, convenient, and long-lasting solution that it is no surprise they’re often one of the first things our patients ask us about. But as much as we here at Perrinville Family Dentistry want to give you exactly what you’re looking for, the reality is that for some patients, there are better alternatives to implants. So, let us see if we can help you determine if they might work for you!

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate

Luckily, most of the people that need replacement teeth are good candidates for an implant. Whether you have just one tooth that’s missing or damaged or several, including all the teeth along an arch, there is a type of implant just right for you. You should have healthy, disease-free gums to avoid complications. Because implants are affixed directly to the jawbone, it’s important that you have strong bone density and are old enough that your jawbone is no longer growing. Even if your jawbone has thinned or softened, you might still be a good candidate after a bone graft.

Who Does Not

Unfortunately, not everyone is an ideal fit for implants. While those with gum disease, inadequate bone density, and poor overall oral health often have better alternatives, implants are also not a good option for those without the time to dedicate to the process. While often we can perform any extractions and implantations in the same day, implants require an extensive diagnostic screening and multiple post-operation checkups to ensure that your mouth is healing properly. Implants can take several months to heal, and the healing process usually requires that you stick to a special diet to avoid aggravating your new implants.

Other traits that can make implants a less-than-optimal solution include smoking, patients on certain drugs like immunosuppressants, women that are pregnant, those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, children whose jawbones are still in the process of growing, and patients who have received chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

If I’m Not a Candidate, What Are My Alternatives?

Don’t despair, we have got you covered! While implants are a great choice for many of our patients, there are still plenty of other options to help restore and rejuvenate your smile. Sometimes the tooth does not even have to be removed but can be saved with gum disease treatment. When the tooth does have to be removed, we offer a variety of prosthetics, including multiple types of dentures and dental bridges so we can work with you to select what will work best for your unique situation. There are also other types of implants, such as mini implants, that are less invasive and can be used to secure dentures.

How Long Is the Recovery Process for Dental Implants

Losing teeth is frequent and may be brought on by illness or trauma like an accident. Missing teeth may be replaced with a dental implant restoration. If you're contemplating implants, you may be concerned about how life will be immediately after the treatment and over the long term. Our dental care staff will give you more information about your specific case since every circumstance is different, and no two people are the same.

Find Out if You Are a Candidate Today!

There’s only one way to find out if you’re a good fit for one of our most popular procedures, and that’s by calling Perrinville Family Dentistry today at (425) 616-0620 . We can arrange a consultation and go over your dental history, the variety of implant and non-implant options available to you, and determine the best way to give you back your smile. We'll even make sure you know how to care for dental implants before you leave our office.
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Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants Edmonds, WA | Perrinville Family Dentistry
Luckily, most of the people that need replacement teeth are good candidates for an implant. Whether you have just one tooth that’s missing or damaged or several, there is an implant for you.
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