Do I Have a Cavity?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by office
Do I Have a Cavity?Are you unsure if you have a cavity? Let's go through a checklist. Do you have pain in a specific tooth? How about pain when you are chewing? Do you have an oversensitivity to either hot or cold food and beverages? If you visually inspect the tooth in the mirror, are you able to see a black dot on the tooth enamel? If you do, chances are, you have a cavity. There is no need to panic. It's not a very long checklist and there could be other things that might be causing those symptoms as well. However, you do need to see a dentist.

Cavities Should Be Treated As Soon As Possible

Cavities are nothing to mess with. Sure, we've all heard the mantra of our parents and dentists about proper tooth care and how important it is to avoid cavities. But is it really a big deal?

Yes, cavities are a big deal. When cavities begin to deteriorate the tooth enamel, they are on a one-way trip to the heart of the tooth where the dentin and pulp are. The pain experienced is because when a tooth is healthy, the enamel protects the inner portion of the tooth. There is no pain when eating or drinking hot or cold things. However, when a cavity eats through the enamel, the sensitive pulp and dentin are impacted by temperature changes in food and beverages. When a cavity isn't filled, the infection can spread to the dentin and pulp. If this happens, a root canal is necessary and while today's root canals are not your parents' root canals, they are still invasive and uncomfortable. Why put up with that? Get your cavity filled and stop the hurt train.

In Conclusion

Remember the old adage that if it hurts when you do something to stop doing it? Well, that doesn't really apply to your mouth. You have to drink and you have to eat. If the mouth is experiencing pain, it's trying to tell you something. Why not listen to your mouth and come in for treatment?
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