Benefits of fluoride applications

Posted on 8/22/2022 by office
Benefits of fluoride applicationsFluoride treatments are not only good for children but also for adults. You should include fluoride application in your oral hygiene as it maintains strong and healthy teeth. The foods and drinks we take result in the buildup of acids that eat up the enamel of our teeth and some vital minerals. We recommend fluoride treatments to restore the lost minerals and strengthen your teeth.

Protecting your enamel

The most popular benefit of fluoride is its protection of the enamel. Fruit juices such as lemonade and apple juice contain high amounts of acids which weaken and erode your enamel. A weakened enamel results in increased sensitivity to hot or cold meals. Fluoride applications at our offices will allow the restoration of strength to your teeth.

Restoring minerals

In addition to breaking down the enamel, consumed acids also break down the minerals that make up your teeth, destroying their overall structure. These minerals include calcium and phosphorus. A deficiency of the said minerals in your teeth leads to severe consequences. Fluoride restores the calcium and phosphorus in your teeth in a process known as remineralization. Adding back these minerals reverses the damage caused to your teeth.

Preventing cavities and tooth decay

The sugar and starches in the food we consume cause the formation of a thin film of bacteria on your enamel known as plaque. The plaque interacts with the sugars leading to the formation of acid-producing bacteria, which decay your teeth if not treated with fluoride.

Fluoride application and toothpaste containing fluoride are important steps to preventing tooth decay in children and adults. We also recommend drinking water containing fluoride to hike up your fluoride intake.

It would be best to consider adding fluoride application to your oral hygiene routine. Visit our offices for more tips on maintaining strong and healthy teeth.
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