Dealing with the dry mouth during pregnancy

Posted on 7/18/2022 by office
Dealing with the dry mouth during pregnancyPregnancy is a beautiful and magical phase in every woman's life. During this time, your body will undergo a variety of hormonal changes. One of the changes will be a significant rise in your hormonal levels. High hormone levels result in dental complications such as having a dry mouth.

Research shows that dry mouth during pregnancy may be attributed to the rising levels of hormones inhibiting saliva production. A dry mouth may also result from gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a condition in pregnant women caused by high blood pressure.

Dangers of a dry mouth

Developing a dry mouth condition during pregnancy makes you susceptible to a multitude of dental problems. Lack of sufficient saliva in the mouth to wash away food particles and bacteria leads to plaque buildup, which puts you in danger of developing cavities.

In addition, the high pH of saliva is vital in neutralizing the acids formed by the bacteria in the mouth. Lack of saliva to perform this function will lead to an accumulation of acid in the mouth which eats at the enamel, making it softer and weaker.

Preventative and coping measures

We are aware that having a dry mouth may be very uncomfortable. As a result, we have several recommendations that may help alleviate this problem. Our experts suggest sucking on ice cubes. Sucking ice will not only make your mouth feel more hydrated, but it will also help reduce nausea which is a common symptom among pregnant women.

You may also try taking in more fluids such as water to keep you hydrated. Turning on a humidifier at night is helpful as dry mouth is common in the morning. Finally, chewing sugarless gum promotes the production of saliva and prevents a dry mouth condition. Check us out for more tips on dealing with a dry mouth during pregnancy.

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