Effects of Osteoporosis On Oral Health

Posted on 6/6/2022 by office
Effects of Osteoporosis On Oral HealthOsteoporosis is a condition whereby the bones become light and brittle. This condition mainly affects the elderly. Several oral health problems have been linked to this condition. Read through to learn the effects of this condition on dental health and how to avoid them.

Effects of Osteoporosis on Oral Health

It is true that this condition affects oral health. This is because the jaw is bone and if it loses density, the teeth which are attached to it will become lose and fall out.

Tooth loss has been linked to this condition. The effects of osteoporosis on dental health affect women more than men. Women suffering from it are three times more likely to lose their teeth. Loss of jawbone density which can lead to serious oral health problems.

Periodontal disease. When the jawbone has low density, bacteria can easily get inside leading to infection in the gums. There can be bone loss caused by severe and untreated gum disease.

A medication used to treat osteoporosis has been found to cause Osteonecrosis. This is a rare disease that has symptoms like swollen and infected gums, loose teeth, pain in the gums and infected jaws.

How to Avoid Effects of Osteoporosis On Oral Health

Visit the dentist regularly for checkups. This helps to notice a problem early and treat it before severe damage. Always eat a healthy diet. Vitamin D and calcium are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Exercise regularly to keep your bones strong. If you have Osteoporosis you should strengthen your bones through exercise such as jogging and walking. Stop smoking because it can cause low bone density and is also not good for your oral health and minimize alcohol consumption or quit. If you have questions on Osteoporosis and oral health, visit our clinic or call us to book an appointment.
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