Think It's Not Necessary To Replace Missing Back Teeth?

Posted on 4/25/2022 by office
Think It's Not Necessary To Replace Missing Back Teeth?Perhaps you have lost your teeth, but you are hesitating to get replacement teeth. Often, when people lose their back teeth, they tend to think that it is not necessary to replace them since other people cannot notice the gap left. Of course, there are other teeth that can chew food and since a back tooth loss does not show when you smile, it may not bother you to replace it. But that is not a good idea. Although you may save money by not replacing your teeth, there are many reasons you should do it.

The adjacent Teeth May Shift

If a tooth tilts, rotates, or moves, it can affect your bite alignment. The unopposed tooth is likely to move, although it mostly moves outward from the tooth bone, a situation referred to as over-eruption. Displaced teeth are more vulnerable to decay, gum disease, and TMJ pain.

Underlying Bone Pulls Back

In the absence of a tooth root, the jaw begins to shrink. As a result, the dimensions and look of the face changes, giving you a sunken-in look since the supporting bone is declining. As you get older, the vertical shortening progresses, becoming more pronounced.

Additional Stress of Other Teeth

As the remaining teeth take over the chewing of food, it brings additional stress on those teeth. As such, it can contribute to accelerated wear or even fracture and pain. Don't think that missing back teeth is not a major problem. You need to get dental implants or other restorations to replace the lost teeth. Contact our dental specialists to find out the options we have for missing teeth. We will advise you on what restorations best suits your case.

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