How to Care for Your Oral Health If You Have Mobility Issues

Posted on 8/9/2021 by office
How to Care for Your Oral Health If You Have Mobility IssuesSometimes you just need a little extra help. What do you do if you break your arm or hand and suddenly it is time to brush your teeth? Maybe you need extra help with your oral hygiene routine because you have arthritis in your hand, or you just don't have the mobility to brush your teeth anymore. How do you maintain good oral hygiene?

Try an Electric Toothbrush

It seems like such a simple thing to train your non dominant hand to brush your teeth. We know it is not. In fact, it is difficult to mimic your dominant hand with your non dominant hand at just about anything! If you try to brush with your non dominant hand, chances are you will brush too hard, miss your mouth a few times, and skip brushing several teeth altogether. For these reasons, we would suggest using an electric toothbrush. Any electric toothbrush will work. Compared to traditional brushing, you don't have to be nearly as precise or move your body as much to operate an electric toothbrush. We realize there is a cost involved with an electric toothbrush, however, it is not a good idea to skip toothbrushing for that long.

Disposable flossers may also be a handy alternative to traditional floss for those with mobility issues or temporary injuries. Don't forget to use fluoridated mouthwash to help keep plaque to a minimum.

Call Us Today

Make sure you visit our office during this time of temporary injury or if you have mobility issues. We would be happy to do a professional cleaning and exam to make sure you are maintaining good oral habits during your injury. We can also show you alternative ways to care for your teeth and gums.
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