Do You Need a Night Guard?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by office
Do You Need a Night Guard?Teeth grinding or bruxism is a common problem that many adults suffer from. While this condition doesn't have a definite and reliable cure, a dental night guard can still help provide some symptom relief.

However, how can you know for sure if you a night guard is right for you or if you even have an issue of teeth grinding in the first place?

Here are a few reasons for which you should get a dental night guard.

Teeth Grinding

The first step is to determine whether you experience teeth grinding or not. While many symptoms of bruxism can appear due to many other reasons, a night guard typically helps those related to grinding. So, if you've been diagnosed with bruxism or you find yourself waking up at night while grinding your teeth, you should consider investing in a night guard.

High Levels of Stress or Anxiety

For many people, teeth grinding occurs as a direct result of high levels of stress and anxiety. If you have bruxism, stress and anxiety can make your teeth grinding condition even worse. So, if you suffer from high levels of stress due to any facet of your life, including work, financial conditions, or your family situation, you should consider getting a night guard to prevent the damage to your teeth caused by grinding.

Jaw or Tooth Soreness

While some people wake up at night and realize that they were grinding their teeth, most people don't even realize what happened overnight. Paying attention to the symptoms is the key to determining how often and intensely you grind your teeth. So, if you find yourself experience tooth soreness, jaw stiffness, or both, you may have a teeth grinding problem. If this is a frequent occurrence, you may want to try out a night guard. '

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