Why Do Some People Tend to Get More Cavities Than Other People?

Posted on 3/8/2021 by office
Why Do Some People Tend to Get More Cavities Than Other People?Despite good oral practices, some people still get more cavities than others who are less careful with their dental health. This is because individuals are different, and so are their mouths. While some of the causes may be within your control, others are difficult to control. However, with proper management, it is possible to keep cavities at bay. Among the reasons why you may still be getting cavities despite good oral practices include genetics and behavioral causes.


Genetics will influence the acidity of your saliva, bacteria activity in your mouth, and tooth structure. If you have acidic saliva, you are more likely to get cavities as compared to other people. This is because an acidic mouth influences the activity of cavity-causing bacteria. An acidic mouth will also corrode your enamel, making you prone to tooth decay and cavities. If you have more aggressive bacteria in your mouth, you will likely get cavities than other people. Finally, if your tooth structure is such that you have deep-seated grooves, you will likely get cavities since regular brushing may not clean out food particles from these surfaces.

Behavioral Causes

Your diet and hygiene can either predispose or prevent you from cavities. If you consume high carbohydrate and sugary foods, you will likely get more cavities, as the sugars will feed cavity-causing bacteria. Consuming acidic foods will corrode your enamel and expose your teeth to decay and cavities. Finally, failure to brush and floss your teeth regularly will result in the accumulation of plaques and tooth decay. While the above factors increase your risk of tooth decay, these factors are controllable. If your tooth structure is the problem, we can fix dental sealants to protect your teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste will also help reduce the cavity risk. For more details on dental cavities, contact our office today.
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