When Are Your Kids Ready to Use Electric Toothbrushes?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by office
Kid holding a giant toothbrush at Perrinville Family Dentistry in Edmonds, WAWe receive a lot of questions from parents regarding young children and electric toothbrushes. Everything from 'is an electric toothbrush a choking hazard' to 'should my child skip the gimmicks and stick with a traditional toothbrush?' are asked of our hygienists on a regular basis.

Go For The Gimmicks

We believe that anything that encourages your child to brush for the recommended length of time (two full minutes, twice a day) is worth investing a little bit of money into. Find the tooth brush that excites your child. Does it play a favorite song? Did you manage to find an electric toothbrush with his/her favorite cartoon character on it? Finding a toothbrush that gets your kiddo excited about brushing is great! The more enthusiastic they are about oral hygiene, the more likely they are to brush regularly. The flashing lights, bells and whistles are important, they train children how long to brush and encourage them to focus and enjoy daily tooth care.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Dangerous for Children?

Choking is always a concern with children, but the truth is that there is not a greater risk of choking when using an electric toothbrush versus using a manual brush. We do recommend that a parent always be present when your child is brushing if your child is under the age of seven. As with any toothbrush, an electric toothbrush head needs to be replaced every three months to avoid bacteria build up. And as always, examine any electrical device that you hand over to your kids. Make sure the batteries aren't leaking and that water hasn't gotten into places where it shouldn't.

In short, it's never too early to get your child excited about great oral hygiene, and along with regular dentist visits, brushing twice a day with a toothbrush that sings or flashes is an inexpensive way to do that! Give us a call today at (425) 616-0620 and set up your child's next appointment, and let them bring in their fancy electric toothbrush for a show and tell with our dentist!
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