Poor Oral Health Can Lead to a Feeling of Exhaustion

Posted on 2/29/2020 by office
Poor Oral Health Can Lead to a Feeling of ExhaustionMany things cause us fatigue and exhaustion, but a source that many do not consider is poor oral health. It is a fact that dental problems can absolutely lead to exhaustion.

Tooth Pain

If you are having tooth pain, you have not taken care of it is very difficult to get a good night's sleep when the pain is unbearable. Sometimes the pain is very sharp, or at others, it could a throbbing pain. Either way, you are not going to get much sleep, and you will end up exhausted. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth or jaw, you need to see your dentist immediately.


You must take proper care of your teeth and gums, if you do not you are leaving yourself open to several types of infections. Your mouth is filled with hundreds of types of bacteria that can lead to problems and if you get an infection in your gums it could spread to anywhere in your body. If the infection is bad enough, it will, of course, leave you drained and exhausted.


Headaches have long been associated with poor oral health and they could come from a problem with the jaw or it might be related to your teeth. Most generally a headache leaves you wanting to just sit or lie down wanting to do nothing and that in and of itself brings about fatigue.

Poor oral habits can always be turned into good ones, even if you haven't seen a dentist for years. You can live pain-free and take charge of your pain and your smile and your oral health again. Please give us a call at the office and schedule an appointment today and come in and let us put you back on the right track to good health again and give you something to truly smile about!
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