Point of Using a Soft Toothbrush

Posted on 2/20/2020 by office
Woman holding a new soft toothbrushToday's toothbrushes have gone through a long and interesting evolution. From the early days of small twigs and sticks used to brush away food particles to the early 19th century bristles made of course hog hair, the modern nylon options have proven to be much more effective.

But, as with everything else, the march towards progress continues. It wasn't that long ago that the generally accepted view was that hard-bristled brushes were the best. Now, that idea too is being reconsidered.

Comfort and Safety

Soft bristles have shown to provide a significant number of benefits as opposed to firmer options, as well as eliminating some of the negative aspects that come with the harder brushes. One of the main advantages is that softer brushes are more comfortable and cause less wear and tear damage to the enamel and tooth surface. Another thing to look for is rounded ends on the bristles as well; this helps to ensure the maximum amount of cleaning without scraping.

Negative Effects of Hard or Firm Bristles

In addition to the previously mentioned wear and tear that comes from the harsh effects of brushing your teeth with harder bristles, you also have to consider the fact that it can lead to gum irritation as well. Once the gums become irritated by the course brushing procedure, they begin to become more sensitive and can swell up with inflammation. This can also lead to gum recession, as well as the formation of lesions and other small abrasions. This is why it is getting increasingly difficult to even find toothbrushes beyond the medium level.

To learn more about what type of toothbrush may be the best choice for you and your family, feel free to get in touch with our office at any time by calling us at (425) 616-0620. Our certified dental professionals and staff are always more than ready to help.
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