Vitamin D and Calcium Are Both Needed to Keep Teeth Strong

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Aghera
Vitamin D and Calcium supplements to keep teeth strongScientists say that calcium is the most abundant mineral in humans. The majority of this calcium is found in the bones and teeth.

According to The International Journal of Scientific Research (IJSR), the calcium found on teeth is hydroxyapatite, which is basically a combination of phosphate and calcium.

When the calcium and the phosphate combine, they form the hard, external structure of the tooth, which gives the tooth its look and strength. However, to keep this process at its peak, there needs to be a third component to keep things balanced and on the right track. This is vitamin D. Lets take a look at why calcium and vitamin D are critical to keeping your teeth healthy and strong.


Since the body needs this mineral on a daily basis for multiple processes, it means that you should not lack calcium in your daily nutrient intake. When someone doesn't have enough calcium in their blood, they can contract a condition known as hypocalcemia, otherwise known as calcium deficiency.

What's more, prolonged lack of calcium means that osteoporosis is also likely around the corner. With this condition, your bones get very fragile and can be broken by minor trauma. This means just a little impact on your bones or your teeth will cause them to break, which can be very painful and can be expensive to fix.

Vitamin D

To keep the bone density and strength at its peak, the body must regulate how much of the calcium is being absorbed into the body. Vitamin D is also responsible for supporting the brain, regulating insulin levels, nervous system, and immune system.

For you to have excellent teeth, you have to ensure that these nutrients are a regular part of your daily food intake. Calcium is found mainly in dairy foods such as cheese, yogurt, milk, brown rice, oranges, cabbage, beans, among others. As for vitamin D, it's abundant in oily fish such as tuna, natural sunlight, some dairy products, and eggs. To find out more about these nutrients, give our office a call at (425) 616-0620.
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