What to Do if You Cut Your Tongue

Posted on 10/20/2019 by office
What to Do if You Cut Your TongueThere are not too many things that can happen to your mouth that are more painful than cutting your tongue. What is worse is how much it can bleed. There are a lot of blood vessels near the surface of the tongue and when you cut your tongue and they start bleeding, many times the injury appears to be much worse than it actually is.

With that information in mind, the first thing you should do is stay calm and do not panic. The second thing you should remember is to spit out the blood, do not swallow it. The most important question is what to do next?

What Steps Do You Take?
The first thing you want to do is see how serious the cut is. This may be difficult depending on how much it is bleeding. To see how bad it is, rinse your mouth with water to identify exactly where the wound is. Once you have determined that, get a clean cloth and apply direct pressure to the wound. You will have to hold it yourself because there really isn't a way to attach it to your tongue. The importance is the pressure as that is what will stop the bleeding.

If it bleeds through the initial bandage, you may have to apply a second bandage. Do not remove the first bandage, instead put the second one over the first. If it bleeds through the second one, remove the second one and apply a new second bandage. Do not remove the first bandage. If you apply continuous pressure the bleeding should stop within about 15 minutes. Once it stops bleeding you can apply ice or a cold pack to your lip and mouth if there is any swelling.

For the most part, the tongue will heal if you keep it clean by rinsing with salt water. If you can't stop the bleeding, you show signs of an infection, or the wound is deep or large, call and let us know so we can get you in to have a look at it.
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