Burning mouth syndrome

Posted on 12/15/2023 by office
Image of a smiling man with an open mouth. This is a medical term for a recurring or ongoing burning sensation in the mouth without any obvious cause. It may be felt on the gums, tongue, mouth roof, lips, and inner side of cheeks. It happens suddenly and feels like you have injured your mouth with a hot drink. However, it can also develop over time. The exact cause of the syndrome is not specific making its treatment hard. However, working closely with the dentist does help reduce the symptoms.


It is accompanied by several symptoms including a burning feeling that affects the tongue. This scalding feeling might also affect the lips, gums, throat, and the roof of the mouth. At times, you will have a dry mouth feeling with increased thirst making your taste change. It might also cause numbness and stinging in your mouth. Whatever the pattern, the burning mouth syndrome may last for months and years. The symptom might go away on its own, but this is rare. Luckily, the syndrome does not cause any visible changes to your tongue or mouth.


The causes of the burning mouth syndrome might be primary or secondary. For primary burning mouth syndrome, the causes cannot be found. Some research suggests that the syndrome is related to a problem within the nerves.

The secondary burning mouth syndrome might happen as a result of an underlying medical condition. These underlying conditions can be dry mouth, caused by some medicines, and health problems with the salivary glands. Other oral conditions like fungal infection of the mouth (thrush) and inflammatory issues like geographic tongue give the tongue a map-like appearance. Moreover, the syndrome might be a result of fewer nutrients in the body, psychological problems like stress, or allergic conditions. The best way to discern the root cause of the problem is to visit our dentist for an in-depth diagnosis and possible treatment.
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