Situations That Could Lead To The Use Of Dental Implants

Posted on 1/9/2023 by office
Situations That Could Lead To The Use Of Dental ImplantsTooth implants are designed to help replace teeth as well as the roots below. There are situations that tooth damage may require restoration strategies like root canals and crown placement. In other cases, tooth repair proves difficult and calls for entire tooth replacement. Individuals who were born toothless or lost their teeth in an accident or from severe gum disease and decay may benefit from total teeth replacement strategies. Dental implants come in handy in such incidents. Here are things that may lead to receiving dental implants.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

At its advanced phase, periodontal disease is associated with the accumulation of bacteria and debris in the gums and roots. This then results in irreversible damage to the structural tissue as well as the bone tissue. Over time, it leads to the loss of teeth and bone resorption. Periodontitis needs to be treated after which a dental implant can be fixed by a dentist. The dental implant will aid in promoting stability, provide long-lasting prosthetics as well as improve overall dental health.

Teeth Damage or Loss Due to Dental Trauma

Teeth can be lost following a fall, accident, or sports-related injury. Fractured or cracked teeth may need to be extracted to prevent the risk of failed root canals. Fortunately, a dental implant is a perfect choice that guarantees full restoration of oral functions.

Failed Tooth Restoration Strategies

There are various temporary tooth restoration options for damaged teeth such as crowns, dentures, and bridges. These options may, however, cause other dental issues that might make their use difficult over time. Fixed bridges, though secure, their placement is associated with structural impact on the adjacent teeth and possible damage.

Dentures tend to slip around with time as the bone and tissue underneath shrink due to lack of stimulation. Dental implants remain the best solution since they not only last longer following proper care but also do not harm surrounding tissues. Their comprehensive nature further makes them reliable and offers great security.

Kindly contact our dentist for dental implant placement. We provide reliable solutions to your dental needs including dental implants where need be.

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